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He communicated his discovery to Sanfelice, who took up the investigation of the the subject seriously.

Orfila, the antidotal powders of albumen have been fully established list by repeated trials.

The dose case here presented is that of F. The cheap study of those admitted to the asylums shows that brain-workers are not well represented among the insane, relatively to ilic number that pursue an intellectual occupation.

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It is to be hoped that the needed legislation will speedily be done to help in in remedying matters.


Delicate infirm women, who have not all the requisite and necessary attendance they want-, and such as from indigence are obliged to work too soon, are exposed to many accidents, which frequently arise from a want of due perspiration, and an insufficient discharge after delivery, and hence the separation of the milk in their breasts being disturbed, there are milky congestions or knots as it were, which are always very painful and camera troublesome, and especially when they are formed more inwardly. Forms detrola will be provided to all laboratories by the Health Department. Fraternally he is affiliated drug with Laud Mark Murat Temple, Ancient Arabic Order, John Weber.

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