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On introducing a silver probe into the incision made, we became satisfied that the vaginal canal injection was normal, and that the membrane was about two lines in thickness. Effects of disease, which damps of the energy of the most active, and fatal to existence. The longest time he has seen a cold, last, whilst the patient was fairly taking for these pills, was three days. One difficulty he (the speaker) had found in connexion with gel these cases was that the scar formed was very firm, and that the jaws became firmlj' fixed together. OLYMPIC DA FONSECA Essartz and Alphen de Medeiros, and Professors Sarmento Brazilian Surgeons Recommended for Fellowship in THE American College of Surgeons The Committees on Credentials of the American College of Surgeons in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo have recommended the following for Fellowship in the College: Raul Baptista Nabrico de Gouvea Fernando Magalhaes Oulives e Barros Sylvio Maia Jose Barboza de Barros Antonio Vieira Marcondes Francisco Ponipeo de' I'HIS was my second visit to the South American countries, one in Brazil has asked me if I shall return to ivf this country. Estradiol - this work may be said to be the first scientific text-book on Modern Gynaecology, and on it for several years many of its numerous successors were modelled.

On comparing Surgeon Guthrie's mode of attaching the yoke-straps to the side-poles of the stretcher itself with Surgeon Porter's plan of attaching them to detached side-poles, it is obvious that although the inconvenience of a separate framework is got rid of, and the weight is to lessened, the length of the cot or stretcher is unavoidably so much increased as to destroy its fitness for use as a bed at night in an hospital tent or ordinary hospital building. The result is a tracing which is similar to and comparable with a sphygmogram, a polygram, or "thing" an electrocardiogram. The superiority of the bone-graft over metal plates, nails, and screws, and of cream absorbable kangaroo tendon over silver wire, is maintained and demonstrated. In addition there are larger ctos fibrous nodules attached to the periosteum in the neighbourhood of joints and along the iliac crests. No description can do justice to and this excursion. Holmes, but they greatly approved of buy the" folding" or" box stretchers" slung within them.

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The author professes to give a comprehensive view of the diseases of children, with a view to render his work on one of reference, and, we think, has succeeded well in his object.

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