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I made the examination by sunlight, and had no difficulty in determining what, felt with my finger, and the sides of the upper part of the pharynx, were The vocal chords could be readily seen, and you could see that "lyme" tlie trachea and larynx were healthy. She was not of a neuralgic temperament, for although she had several decayed teeth she had never suffered from toothache (cheap). Pedunculated villous tumour on the right inferior aspect of gas the bladder about one inch above the right ureteral orifice.

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He holds that as soon as tuberculin is used there is a decided increase in the weight, and improvement in the general health, of the puppies patients. There dose was considerable inflammation afterwards, but the wound healed pretty quickly, and without any suppuration. On is inspection of the parts, there was a hard, tense, red and glistening tumor occupying the right nates, extending fiom the crest of the ileum to the natal fold, and from the right border of the OS sacrum to and over the anterior spinous process of the ileum.

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