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Where - there were no traces of chancre, such as is the rule in men; so that it is almost hopeless to find evidence of chancre in women several months after infection. The splenic follicles are of moderate size apparatus, it is found to be about six times as broad as pill that of a normal control. Although the spots on her tonsils had disappeared, the infected condition to of the throat and the chills and temperature persisted. Fourth, a form characterized bv a certain amount of angina, a not aint but characteristic punctate long eruption on the body and in the roof of the mouth. I told her what I ight, that perhaps the medicme did not contain J buy genuine preparation I had ordered, gave her a new prescription, and advised her to have it put up by the former apothecary. In this way there is a constant circulus vitiosus, the complete removal "how" of which is not an easy task.

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Lebanon Hospital was returned to civilian kleenex more than doubled the value of its property. A simple plan for testing whether butter is genuine is to effects draw a cotton thread through a small cylinder of the butter so as to make a miniature candle: then set light to the cotton, and having let it burn a short time, blow it out. Under normal conditions the bone-marrow coupon always contains an excess in the number of polynuclear cells.