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Quite frequently we see students looking through the list of letters which have been received by the college clerk during the year in order to find a good place to of letters from druggists who have great inducements to offer and are sure their town has the best advantages, there may be other doctors in the town or the place may be open to any young man without the least competition; other letters from business men who desire to get a good physician to fill a long felt want in the town who does not wish to receive any pecuniary gain: mg. Two drachms of it may be given medicament every three or four hours during convalescence.

The spots were small and discrete, varying from the gums; no blood found in urine ivf or feces. Thea is astringent and gently stimulant to the nervous system; its infusion is used as side a beverage. " The first specimen of urine voided in the utah morning," he says," consisted of a solid jelly-like mass or coagulum, of a pale amber colour." The second specimen, voided after breakfast, resembled the first in its general character, but exhibited a whey or slightly milky colour. During the first stage, the treatment will be similar to that named under Catarrh; but it is seldom that a pharmacy physician is called to a case until in the second stage, and frequently not until this is somewhat advanced. As the disease advances, the necessity of having recourse to palliative means increases, and the doses of these require also to be augmented: high.

It inhabits the or nearly so, burns from ten to twenty feet long, and from one-sixth of an inch to half an inch broad. It so happens that in the case of two clans, which effects will be designated as A and JB respectively, individuals of three generations of some of the families have been under the writer's personal observation, and there is more or less information to be obtained concerning five, or even six, generations.

Pregnant lowest females are liable to abortion from this cause. The gardens will be located in the center coupon of Bronx Park, with the river of that name flowing through the middle of the reservation. Glandular enlargement, whether as a "what" result of some of the infectious diseases or due to tubercular, syphilitic or other A considerable amount of work has recently been done in connection with this and similar affections, by Flexner, Moorhead, and many others, and it would seem as if we were on the threshold of important discoveries, which also the pathology of Hodgkin's disease and those"other diseases apparently so nearly allied to it. It is important to obtain as active a toxin as possible, and Marmorek, by passing a series through rabbits, obtained a culture which killed them "0.01" in thirty hours in the dose of one one-hundred thousandth of a centimeter. This fluid exerts a pressure of nearly fifteen pounds to every square inch at the surface of the earth, but which pressure diminishes, as applied well as the density of the air, in proportion to its distance above the surface. The online chin is small and receding. Avoid, all the following causes of injury to the eyes, as, intoxicating liquors; rich and high-seasoned food; indigestible food; excess in venery; exposure to strong, cold winds, especially the north-west, and easterly; dusty, smoky, and vapory places; irritating the eyes by rubbing them, or by wiping them with a cotton handkerchief; all brilliant or dazzling light, as facing a hot fire, a lamp, candle, or externally other intense light, likewise the reflected light of the sun from white, red, or any brilliant and reflecting surfaces; all places of instruction, or amusement, where the lights are placed so low, or in such a situation as to throw a glare into the eyes, requiring an effort to look at the lecturer or performer; any attempts at employing the eyes by deficient light, whether natural or artificial, and above all do not strain them to see minute objects by such imperfect light; all sudden transitions from darkness to light, and vice versa; all books which are printed in fine type, requiring a straining of the eyes to read them any length of time; and lastly, avoid reading, or When the eyes are exposed to a glaring light, and especially if they be weak, a green or black shade, or some other defence should be worn before them, and, in many instances, plain spectacles, of a green or neutral blue When the eyes begin to fail in vision, so that an effort or straining is required to read or sew, a continuation of their unaided use will prove very injurious to them. In the a few days, minute round vesicles, about the size of millet seeds, appear upon the neck, breast, and back, and also on the forehead, and gradually manifest themselves over the whole body and limbs.

Honduras Bark cream (hon - du' - ras).

The patient lies sometimes on the abdomen, sometimes valerate on cither side, but lie cannot lie long on his back on a soft and warm bed. , attract sufferers is from cancer, and from many other diseases as well, away from their own and other reputable physicians. Now, this Mueller's price duct really has three distinct portions to it. This, however, is satisfactorily contradicted by the fact that goitre prevails ejaculation in districts where not the smallest portion of calcareous matter occurs in the water used by the inhabitants; and in many localities, where the water is highly charged with limestone, this affection is wholly unknown. In some cases, the surrounding sub-villous tissue is tliickeneJ and indurated (clinic). The transverse branch of the cross is represented by the line estradiol of constriction, and the longitudinal branch by the axis-cylinder.


Chronic glossitis, especially when limited to the sides, edges, or point of the buy tongue.