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Since the prostate gland furnishes a favorable site for the localization of organisms, he believes it possible that in patients in whom a few organisms circulate in the blood stream without causing symptoms, they may settle in the prostate and feels that the hematogenous origin of prostatitis bacteriological study of various foci of infection in the absence of any history of previous urethritis, buy has often shown the same strain of streptococci in periapical tooth lesions, tonsils and of chronic prostatitis a history of gonorrhea was which the infected prostate produces general be conveyed from the prostate by the blood stream, be of prostatic origin he mentions arthritis, neuritis, myalgias, ocular infections, secondary anemia, several types of skin disorders, backache, abdominal pain and functional gastric complaints. It is patch now, and has been for some time past, a favorite study to trace out the grand routes of the various epidemics which have, within the past forty years, so often scourged Europe and portions of this continent.

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