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The patient said the swelling had been there since "zone" birth. The use of this product will dfw create demand for another blood product that cannot be furnished when the supply is exhausted unless a source is found. En - entertaining not the slightest doubt that the tumour here is reallv a phantom, I have turned my patient's thoughts from its consideration, assuring her that it is unimportant, and am directing my treatment to the alleviation of the spinal irritation and to the improvement of the general health. Thy mouth is opened by Ptah, thy mouth is unclosed by Sokaris with this iron hook lady of his. " With, regard, however, to medical practitioners actually practising at the time of passing of such an Act, should the right be given to them, to avail themselves of the privileges under the Act, admitting them to practise in other provinces than that in which they had" Many objections would, doubtless, 0.01 be raised to such a clause, especially by the profession in the younger provinces, who might dread a stampede in their direction.

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