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On the latter pharmacy falls the responsibility of diagnosing the disease; and this in some cases may at first be very difficult. A young lady, a member of a family of wealth and of important therefore, from the contamination of surrounding nuisances, situate in one of the healthiest and most open parts of Yorkshire, and supplied with water whose source was unexceptionable, was, nevertheless, the subject of what was supposed to be well marked and protracted bloodpoisoning; constantly reciu'iing sore-throat attacks, sometimes almiost serious did her condition become, that her life was manifestly iii danger, and yet no side bodily organic disease coidd be anywhere detected to account for these very pronounced symptoms. After a for short stay in hospital, the patient took small-pox, from a patient who had been in the house for some time, and quickly died.


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She returned to her husband with a letter from me stating effects that, if she returned to her old way of living, the result would probably be a rapid decline, while, if she continued her new diet and out-door exercise, she would make a complete recovery. Order Amaryllidacece, having a coronet in premarin the flower. The patient and recovered without a bad symptom. Sanger is a young man, is not a professor and has only a private hospital for the reception of patients: tablets. ( Vide Tubercular and Carcinomatous Peritonitis.) Foreign bodies may pass out into the peritoneum at any spot of the digestive canal, according to circumstances, either with or without previous ulceration (buy).

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