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Teacher before being elected shall produce sufficient and satisfactory ewg evidence of having, within the previous five years, been efficiently vaccinated or revacoinated; but this regulation shall not apply in the case of any teacher who shall produce sufficient and satisfactory evidence that he or she has already had small-pox, or who shall agree to submit himself or herself to the operation of vaccination or revaccination by a modlcal man to be nominated by the Board, such operation to be repeated not less than twice in the event of its failure on the first, or first ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS OP ENGLAND. This young man at the time he applied did not come, and does not come to-day, with such a certificate; yet we are asked to violate that by-law on a recommendation on the part cream of the Education Committee. Twentythree persons who had no contact with the patients were long also examined bacteriologically and the diplococcns was not fonnd in any of them. A third class in hemorrhage of the new born Cushing has operated successfully: patch. Death occurred soon after tablet midday on February flslh.

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