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Except in the cancerous, the sclerotic and inflated forms of enlarged prostate, the operation is comparatively simple and invariably followed by the most happy results (how). In one room there were two patients convalescent from diphtheria, who had been injected with Professor Kitasato's antitoxin; in another ward he showed me a case of leprosy in which the tubercles were disappearing under the influence coupon of an antitoxin which he is now investigating.

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The first volume for the present year, issued in March, contains valuable articles on the surgery of the head, neck, and chest; infectious diseases, including acute rheumatism, croupous pneumonia, and influenza; the diseases of children; pathology; laryngology and rhinology; otology; and a very complete index: where.

Septic softening, however, is a very common result, and pylephlebitis even more so (instructions).

He appeared to be in excellent physique and regular in his price habits.

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Cancer involves any and all parts of the human body, and, of course, in most vital to parts its removal at a stage late enough for diganosis is absolutely impossible. The bacilli were not always buy found, but this is not a matter of surprise when it is considered that the best bacteriologists frequently fail to find them under conditions strongly suggestive of their presence.