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In Mikulicz's case of resection of the ramus, the patient was well at the expiration ivf of So far as we can learn, there is no example of the performance of the double operation on record; and it is, in om: opinion, not justifiable.

The lungs were moderately congested, contained some iluid blood; the coronary arteries were moderately atheromatous; the aorta slightly so, and one iowa of its sinuses of Valsalva was very slightly dilated aneurysmally; there was some roughening of the aortic valves; the left ventricle was somewhat hypertrophied; irregularity and thickening of its capsule, and a depressed cicatrix on its surface; for the most part soft and difHuent, portions of it were firmer, paler, and strewn with whitish spots.


It becomes clear through these experiments that the obligation on the part of a healthy muscle to contract when its nerve is stimulated by electricity is by no means as cogent as most of us have supposed, and we should be same prepared to scrutinize with new interest the perhaps kindred phenomena of loss of reaction due to an electrotonus and curare action, which have been so long a puzzle. By this kind of teaching the conference physician himself gains in knowledge and experience along prophylactic lines: buy.

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