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She is able to go to the physician's office for not treatment, thus getting all the benefit to be derived from fresh air, exercise, and diversion, which will be of great service in certain nervous conditions, frequently associated with this form of disease.

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For example, in a partial maxillectomy case, if the surgical incision and subsequent bone cut are dose made through the socket of the adjacent tooth rather than directly adjacent to the remaining tooth, then the bone on the wall of the alveolus is retained. He also adds that tiie arteries have ivf an independent power of pulsating, the veins being purely passive channels.

The last observer is persuaded, that in tinea the exudation frann the vessels of the cutis, which he esteems scrofulous, is ihe primary cause and essential condition, as it prepares the bed on which the transferred germs are developed; and these germs may gain buy access, he thinks, to the -inferior most recent layers of the epidermis, by means of fissures in it, occasioned by the exudation; so that it might seem as if they were engendered beneath the epidermis. Each glandule ha's "effects" but one excretory duct, which proceeds outwards spirally, and penetrates the epidermis rather obliquely. The remaining history qwerty was noncontributory.


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