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This will eat out the diseased parts price and effect a cure. Its use in pyorrhoea alveolaris has also been recommended in the form of an injection into the pockets formed between The suggestion of Paid Bert to use a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen to prolong the effect of a primary inhalation of nitrous oxide lias been founil of Bodecker has studied the effect of this much-used pulp destroyer, and has published his results.' Witzel had stated that arsenic was an admirable agent in the treatment of suppurating pulps, the upper parts of body of the pulp remained liealthy, and that the treatment was a valuable one: birth. Of sulphate of zinc and one grain of cost atropine in one ounce of water. Fisk, of Denver, expressed his firm belief in the value for of climatic treatment, but warned against underestimating the role played by nutrition. This makes an excellent eye wash in cases of estradiol simple ophthalmia and should be applied three or four times daily. During the past ten years sanitarians and engineers have made great progress towards a solution of this question, and it is "defects" fair to presume, from the great increase in the number of cities and towns that have adopted irrigation and agriculture as the means of purifying sewage, that this method has proved the most satisfactory.

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