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He is a careful writer, a close observer, an indefatigable student, and easily second of the recognized Scottish writers in cutaneous That he has the courage of his convictions is shown by the significant fact that in the patch twelve -month which has recorded the issue from the press of the large and comprehensive treatise on diseases of the skin written by his Scotch colleague, Dr. In many operations upon the head and neck it would be very convenient to get rid of the anesthetic paraphernalia in that region, but up to the present time the technique and art of rectal anesthesia NOTES ON A RECENT VISIT TO SURGICAL CLINICS Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery, University of Toronto; During a recent visit to Europe the writer had an opportunity of visiting a number of surgical clinics, hoth in Giermany and Switzerland, and he considered it might be of some interest to the members of the Academy of Medicine to narrate some of his experiences, and to note some comparison of the metliods employed in the different hospitals in the countries At Heidelberg Professor ISTarath began his clinic in the early morning, as is common in most German hospitals, and conducted it in a large operating theatre, sufficiently commodious to accommodate the entire class, consisting of seventy-five students: coupon.

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