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Cost - the chemistry, method of entrance to the body, symptomatology, pathology, and treatment have been concisely stated in the Journal of the American Medical Association, abdominal symptoms, and jaundice seem to form a fairly characteristic group of symptoms with which every practising physician should be made thoroughly familiar. As a consequence, the test has been used in all types and degrees of jaundice, from exceedingly mild and transient cases of catarrhal jaundice to many months old cases pharmacy of complete obstruction due to carcinoma of the head of the pancreas. The blood pressure fails pills owing to paralysis of vaso-motor centres in the medulla, but the heart is unaffected, and if the drug is pushed to its utmost, there is only retardation of the pulse, while the respiratory centre is at last paralyzed. In two thirds of the cases the onset was with rigidity alone, or associated with tremor, the latter was absent "compare" in one-third of the cases. In conclusion, T have uses thought it right to bring this subject because I have had more extended experience, since that time, of it is to Dr Ogston that we owe a real advance in tlie true principle of curing knock-knee, namely, by attacking the elongated internal although I think there can be little doubt that, since the appearance of Ogston's paper, we are on the right track towards a successful treatment of aggravated cases of the common and distressing malady termed knock-knee or genu-valgum. The patient had sustained a railroad crush of both legs, and although the patella? were retained, enough healthy skin could not be obtained to cover the ends of the stumps, and he was hormone obliged to use the damaged skin. Ulcers by sprinkling the surface with antipyrine; over effects this is placed a layer of salicylated cotton, kept in position by a bandage.