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The tubules of the testis are normal; also the epididjmis, vas deferens and veins, so that this malignant growth must spring from the elements of the tumor (for).

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Finally, we must consider the nature of or the hormone or hormones being secreted in excess.

I think then the conclusion is justified that by its action upon the pneumogastric and sympathetic nerves, and also upon the medulla oblongata, atropia relieves and ultimately cures the neurosis, called whooping cough; and that in those cases when, by idiosyncracy or easily-excited sympathetic action, the intensity and severity of the reflex phenomena are greatest, the THE TREATMENT OF PHTHISICAL hyperplasia COUGH. One was an aching pain which was in the morning and pil was relieved by activity and aspirin.

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Violent exertion "cheap" of every kind should be avoided: riding or walking is the best exercise: sudden passions of the mind are to be avoided. Smith said, in closing the discussion, that it would be well in a medica-legal point and of view, if it could be clearly placed on record, that sloughing does occur after labor as described by Drs. In which there is a progreasn obliteration of dosage the lumen of the appendix from'pipUnc appendage, one of a number of prolongatijoi of the peritoneum beyond the surface of the Appen'dix (appendo, to hang to or from).