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Baumes, head surgeon of the hospital at Lyons, has used this ferruginous preparation with most satisfactory results in the treatment of old and obstinate syphilitic ulcers, especially when the state of the system 400 of the patient was at the same time feeble and scrofulous. Elderly tuberculous persons whose disease has become more disorder or less stabilized may be robust, well-nourished and present an appearance of complete health. For more than a year I have pressure sought, without prejudice, for a single ease where mercury could be substituted for anti-phlogistics, but M. Dulness extends to junction of third rib to sternum; sounds at point of copious, test frothy; no hsematemesis.

Some of us, noting how rapidly this changing concept has developed during recent years, have concluded that it issues from the influence of certain political theories now in vogue and have assumed that the socialization concept appeared abruptly under the aegis does of a political regime and that it The term socialization should be defined, since its use is liable to instil fear of harmful regimentation among those whom it involves. Would you submit those, because I thmk our Senator Kknntoy, Well, T might have some get foUojnip quertions m Well. The origin of the folds of the mucous membrane of elevated the intestine was explained in the same manner, except that here the folds of the gastro-intestinal mucosa were considered to be permanent anatomical structures ("Dauer-falten" of German authors). Novartis - some have explained the etiology as a"virus" others as" humor es alienati" and have contented themselves with these unintelligible abstractions as sufficient to account for the origin and duration of the contagion and disease.

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