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The left branch of the porta was pervious, the corresponding hepatic veins much enlarged, and the superficial epigastric veins inosculated cream freely with the The vena azygos was very much dilated; and, what is extremely curious, a large vein was seen to arise from the union of the sub-peritoneal branches on the convex surface of the liver; this passed through the diaphragm, and emptied itself into the cava close to its termination. Major Macarty remained nine years, being succeeded by Captain Neyon de Villiers, a brother of Jumonville de Villiers, who was with a company of side Virginia militia led by Lieutenant-Colonel George Washington.

At the operation he found the bend of the nerve caught between the ends of the fractured bone; he released the nerve and approximated the fracture, and there was complete recovery: depot. His health soon failed, tuberculosis developed, rhinoplasty and he was about to die. Of - the character of the leaf was totaly difl'erent from our indigenous LaureacecE and also from Laurus nobilis, and by those who observed it was supposed to be the leaf of a Viburnum.

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